Sponsor a Barrel

When you sponsor a bourbon barrel through this project, you are helping to create a piece of original public art that will (literally) light up NKY's entertainment districts. Tourists and locals will "follow the bourbon barrels" from one fun spot to the next, as the colorful barrels showcase the assets of our region.

Like Cincinnati's pigs and Lexington's horses, NKY's bourbon barrels will be eye-catching pieces of art that link our region together.

We are no longer accepting sponsorships. Please email Jill for more information. Thank you!

On this page:

Sponsoring a barrel:

The cost of barrel sponsorship is $1,200 ($1,000 for NKY Chamber members). Please go to the Cart page to fill out a sponsorship form and for payment information. You can by check (our preferred method) or with a credit card. The mailing address for checks is: The Catalytic Fund, 50 E. RiverCenter Blvd., Ste. 260, Covington, KY 41011. There is a downloadable invoice here if you need one for accounting purposes. 


Your sponsorship includes:

  • A bourbon barrel (already used by both a distillery and a brewery)

  • An artist and materials to paint the barrel (see "Working with the artist" below for details)

  • The solar lighting component

  • Transportation of the barrel to a location in one of NKY's entertainment districts

  • 50 lbs. of sand to keep the barrel in place and prevent theft

  • Your organization's name handpainted on the barrel as the sponsor (see "Custom plaque" below, for another option)

  • 2 tickets to the Unveiling Party and Bourbon Toast on October 3 (additional tickets will be available for purchase)

  • Digital images of the barrel

  • Poster featuring all the finished barrels


Custom plaque on the barrel:

As an add-on to your sponsorship, you can choose to have a custom 4"x6" zinc plaque affixed to the barrel head and etched with "Sponsored by [your organization's name and logo]". If you would like to choose the option to have the custom plaque, please select it when you check out.  


Coordinating barrel head for display:

As an add-on to your sponsorship, you can choose to have a separate barrel head painted to coordinate with your barrel design. This souvenir could be displayed to show your support and involvement in the project. To choose this option, simply select it when you check out. 


A note about ownership:

As a sponsor, you will not own the barrel. We have agreements with the cities to place the barrels in the entertainment districts for one year. After that year (October 2020), you will be able to designate its final home, among the available choices (TBD).

The artist will retain the rights to the images of their artwork, however as sponsor, you will have the right to use the images of the barrel in your own marketing and publications. 


Working with the artist:

Unless you choose your own artist, you will be matched with one from our list. The artist will submit to you a written concept and a sketch of their design. You may provide feedback and the artist will provide one round of revisions. The design restrictions are detailed here and specify that it not be profane, biased or offensive and that no religious or political symbols be used. Since there is a lighting component, the design must include holes or cutouts to let the light shine out. Other than that, you and the artist can create freely.

If you and the artist want to do something very unusual and there are extra material costs involved (over $100), you and the artist can negotiate the payment of these costs.

The final design must be approved by August 2. This will give the artist time to complete the barrel by the due date of September 7.

As mentioned above, your organization's name will be handpainted on the barrel. If you would like a custom plaque that has the name and logo of your organization, please select that option when you check out.